About Us

Company Background

"SIICL is a unique entity. We help our customers bring innovative, one-of-a-kind product to the marketplace by providing manufacturing expertise, initial funding, and worldwide marketing skills. With offices in Hong Kong, San Francisco, Los Angeles and factories in GuangDong, we have over 25 years of experiences.

If you are an inventor with an idea that is going to change the world, we are the perfect partner to talk to. Your idea will be treated in strict confidence. All the products in this website are from inventors like you.

In return for providing you with initial funding, we ask to be your exclusive manufacturer and worldwide distributor in your non-home marketplace.

Our main business is OEM manufacturing, providing one-stop supply chain management to overseas customers in North America & European countries, acting as their buying agent, on an exclusive basis.

Due to non disclose agreement, what we list on this website represent less than 1% of our manufactured products. You can rest assure of our integrity & trust worthiness. Thank you for your understanding."

Samuel Nguy June 28, 2004