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  • Winner of the Parent's Choice Gold Award (TM). Recommended for children ages 5 and up. Illustrated instructions coach the kids as to which critters to invite or avoid. Critter information and ID chart makes learning part of having fun. 2 versions.


Deluxe Critter Carnival

  • Critter Carnival with PC Dome & Net. 7 bug-sized amusement simulate objects found in Nature plus the important Bug Watering Hole! Includes foam-tipped tweezers, a mesh net and a scoop to help kids collect real bugs.


Critter Carnival

  • Critter Carnival with PVC Dome & Net. Bugs under the Big-Top. This is a complete critter-sized amusement park. It provides kids with hours of fun as they experience the thrill of adventure as they catch, feed, observe and then free a variety of insects